One of the decisions one has to make when deciding to start an owner-operator business is whether to purchase an articulated truck or a straight truck. An articulated truck is composed of a tractor unit and at least one semitrailer while a straight truck has the cab, engine, and cargo bed on a single chassis.


Articulated trucks are generally more expensive than straight trucks. But with its price come some excellent advantages. The tractor units of articulated trucks last longer than straight trucks. The semitrailer bears much of the weight of the cargo, sparing the chassis of the tractor unit from sustaining too much stress. Spare parts for trailer are also generally priced lower compared to straight truck parts. There is a potential for lower maintenance costs over time.


Articulated trucks are very versatile. Their functions and sizes can vary depending on the semitrailer being used. Using smaller semitrailers for low volume cargo can help save on fuel and allow the truck to traverse over bridges or ferries and barges with weight and size limits. A semitrailer can be equipped with air conditioning system to protect perishable items and other goods that are sensitive to temperature conditions.
Aside from being more expensive, articulated trucks have plenty of advantages over straight trucks. Although there are certain issues like needing greater garage or parking areas, these are undeniably minor.

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