Trucks are safer more than ever. Recent models come from the factory equipped with the latest safety technology. Sensors and warning systems. Cameras. Add to this the improvements in the performance and reliability of basic components like transmission, suspension, and brakes ensure a predictable behavior from the trucks that makes them easier to control.


But what about older trucks? The old models are not going to suddenly vanish from the highways just because the new models have arrived.


In this case, aftermarket companies offer solutions. There is a wide range of cameras and digital displays for trucks and other vehicles. The combination of cameras and digital displays provides the driver with the awareness which is vital safety. These devices provide the driver with the awareness that a conventional rearview mirror for a truck could never do.


Awareness is further enhanced by warning systems that detect nearby people or objects and inform the driver.


Installing these aftermarket safety devices require lots of work and technical know-how. Fortunately, some shops that sell these devices also offer installation. Personally, I would have the shop perform the installation even if I know a bit about the process. Aside from having tools and training, the main reason is that if something goes wrong with the displays, cameras, or sensors, you can just go back to the shop and have them fixed it.