Are you looking for spare parts for your car? Depending on many factors, you can either opt for brand new or used ones. This brings to question the pros and cons of each.

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If trucks form part an integral part of your business, a delay in its trip would cause a huge loss in the sales even if it is only for hours. When trucks suffer breakdowns, they need to be repaired and as a consequence, one has to shelf out money and leave it on a truck shop for an undetermined period of time. Operations are hampered and the workforces will be unproductive. Hence, there is a need to make sure that spare parts readily available so that you can remedy the problem as soon as possible.

Here are the various spare parts for trucks that need to be stocked to ensure efficiency and productivity.

1.      Lights
Truck light must be dependable such that it will not fail you when you pass through challenging roads and roughest weather. Choose one that is of known of high quality and can withstand tough travel conditions.

Also, some trucks have to travel at night and one of the ways in order to prevent untoward accidents is to carry a spare flood light or spot light. A spot light is of a great help when the driver wants his sight to be focused on a particular area since it provides narrow ray of light. On the other hand, a flood light can be used when passing along a huge area since its rays are broad.

2.      Battery
There will be unfortunate events which will cause the truck to die down due to the draining of the battery. And you don’t want to get stuck in the middle of the road. The common causes of drainage of a commercial-truck battery are when it is subjected to extreme temperatures and when the truck has been left standing for many times. In such a case, a heavy duty battery is needed; those which are of a top quality and durable which can last for a long time must be stored. Your power supply must be reliable so that it will help in solving problems along the way.

3.      Filters
The engine of the truck must also be protected with the use of filters. Filters can help maintain the performance of the vehicle by increasing the life of the engine.
In choosing a fuel filter, it must last long and must have good water filtration process. When water is not filtered properly in the fuel, it can cause damage to the parts of the truck resulting to very costly repairs.

In making sure that you have a spare fuel filter, situations such as internal corrosion of the engine, short-circuit or engine slowdown will be avoided.Check if the filter has a high resistance to pressure as well as sudden variations in temperature.

4.      Wiper
Having a clear sight of the road is essential during traveling especially today wherein the weather is very unpredictable. Choose a spare wiper that produces no squeaking noises and which has long service life. Also, the wiper must have excellent cleaning performance and wear resistant. An easy-to-replace wiper will also be advantageous since it will make the replacement process fast and convenient.