Are you looking for spare parts for your car? Depending on many factors, you can either opt for brand new or used ones. This brings to question the pros and cons of each.

All this information is handled on various platforms that are trying to woo various potential clients. This could be through print media like newspapers, publications, journals and magazines. Through this, you will find advertisements and various articles handling motor vehicle spare parts.

Another reliable source of information is It has a huge array of information and latest deals. This is mainly through blogs, websites and forums. One thing with the net is that you can interact with various people through comments. You can also compare what various vendors are offering in a bid to come up with the best decision.

Parts for truckOne of the ways the truck owners can lower the operation cost is by using reconditioned truck parts. The reconditioning of old parts will allow owners to extend the life of their vehicles.  As the truck population continue to age, trucking operators and truck manufacturers have renewed their interest on reconditioned parts. Some big name manufacturers have subsidiary companies that offer reconditioned and surplus parts for trailers, trucks and other heavy vehicles.

The parts that are reconditioned are sourced from fleets, small trucking operations and government entities. Companies specializing in reconditioning parts purchase decommissioned trucks and other heavy vehicles that are still in decent condition and then dismantled. The collected parts are then cleaned and undergo strict inspection to ensure that they are still operational and can be reconditioned. The parts are then rated according to remaining life.

To some owners of old models, the only option for parts replacement is either aftermarket or reconditioned parts. The advancements in aftermarket technology has resulted to truck parts with quality that are on the same level as that of the original manufacturer’s. The advantage of reconditioned parts is that it is usually more affordable. And since because  there is no need to wait for the replacement part to get delivered, the downtime is also reduced.

A way to determine if a reconditioned part is better than a new aftermarket part is by calculating the cost per kilometer of a new part and comparing it with the repair cost and expected life of a reconditioned part.